SafeBoda & Coca Cola rewards Food and Shop Driver Champions at ‘Coca-Cola Egabudde festival

SafeBoda and Coca-Cola Beverages yesterday rewarded SafeBoda riders who have done an exceptional job in delivery of Food/Shop products especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.This was following the Coca Cola Egabude festival

“In line with our Covid-19 commitment to uphold safety and health our community, through this partnership we want to provide a safe way to deliver both food and products to our clients. And as an exclusive partner with SafeBoda kitchen, this is a crucial initiative for public safety. Creating a safe and hygienic environment for our product delivery is key,” said Newton Lee Ogong, Special Events and Promotion Manager,
Coca-Cola Beverages Africa.

The event was an opportunity to not only celebrate and reward their hard work, but engage the drivers on what SafeBoda is doing to create an environment where riders feel appreciated and supported to improve their service delivery and continue to join SB Food/Shop champions and take more orders.

Coca-Cola also sponsored delivery bags for the drivers. The bags they have donated will help solve the problems of spillage and ensure that food is delivered at optimum temperatures thus improving health and safety for our customers.

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