UPC Declares Flag Bearer in 2012 general Election

UPC declares Jimmy Akena as flag bearer in 2021 election

Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) delegates have voted Lira Municipality MP, Mr Jimmy Akena as the party president ahead of 2021 national elections.
Mr Mahmoud Kazimbiraine, the party’s electoral commission chairman said 104 districts and five cities had seconded Mr Akena as the president for the next five years.
“We called for people to express interest for the party president but only four of them picked forms. Out of these, only Mr Akena returned the forms but it was not enough for us to confirm him,” Mr Kazimbiraine said.

This afternoon, more than 300 delegates from different parts of the country seconded the choice of the other colleagues, according to Mr Kazimbiraine.
Others who had expressed interest for the same seat include; Ms Beatrice Amara, Mr Tom Omino and Mr Denis Enap.
Kasangati Resort Hotel in Wakiso District where the conference was held Saturday was distinctively guarded by the police and other armed security agencies as delegates donned in red, the official party colour, danced and chanted the party slogan and other songs.

upc flag bearer said;

“This is the chance for UPC to pass on leadership to another person. We might not have done as we expected but we have raised above it to keep the UPC flag high,” Mr Akena said in his opening remarks.
The delegates observed social distancing while seated in the different tents but after Mr Akena was declared sole candidate, they were seen dancing and moving about the compound without observing any Covid-19 guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health. Details got from Daily Monitor https://www.monitor.co.ug/News/National

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